• How to Install Cydia on iOS 10

    Wikipedia is sure a very useful site. We can find a lot of information on it. That’s why many people accessing it many times. As for those people who own iPad, they usually use Safari browser to see Wikipedia pages. But now, besides using the ordinary way you can use iPad app called Wikipedia reader. It is released only for iPad.​


    The best feautre of this iPad app is this application can save Wikipedia pages for offline reading. So you can read it anytime without connecting to internet. The other great feature of wikipedia reader application is you can search everything you want to know in wikipedia in such a little time.

    Next feature of this app is it allows you to search language other than English. So if you are not English native speaker, use this application to search anything on Wikipedia based on your native language. This is the huge difference between the apps to another iPad app.




    Overall, we can say it is pretty important and has great feature for reading and finding information on Wikipedia pages. To use this application, you have to purchase it on iPad app store for $0.99. But this application is sure worth it.


    The advanced technology has encouraged many people to look at them and take the best one to keep up to date and get the benefits in doing everything easily and conveniently. People give their positive response toward the presence of iPad tablet and it is widely regarded as iPod’s big brother which has been brought to you by Giant company called Apple. In this case, iPad tablet comes in various features and capacities, such as 16 GB, 32 GB and also 64 GB.


    The Wi-Fi and 3G features are accompanied by 9.7-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen Multi-Touch display. The IPS technology is used in this gadget and it has 1024768-pixel resolution.


    However, the Wi-Fi and 3G are not included in all iPad tablet models. So, it is better to check the online store firstly and make sure whether you still can get the one with 3G and Wi-Fi features. What is the downside of iPad tablet? It is portable but really impossible to be held on the hands for quite long time. The pain will come to your hands and shoulders if you try to hold it for some time. Commonly, iPad provides 10 hours battery live and you can charge it completely when the battery runs out.


    Have you ever heard about Cydia? Some people search for top ten Cydia apps on the internet and often have the questions in their mind about the other possible applications they can get from Cydia. There are some most popular alternatives to look at. They are such as WinterBoard, Lockinfo, iFile and Safari Download Manager and some other examples. You can look at SBSettings, OpenSSH, The Proswitcher & Backgrounder, qTweeter and also Quickreply. The WinterBoard is an app which let people jailbreak. It enables you to theme your iPhone. What about Lockinfo? It becomes one of the most favorite tweaks for many people out there and will add the stuffs to the lockscreen on their iPhone.


    What other things can you do by using Lockinfo as one of the most essential top ten Cydia apps? You can view the inbox in your emails, notifications, SMS, RSS feeds and some other things. The iFile is another great one of top ten Cydia apps which is a file manager to let you compose email and do several things toward your files, such as editing, deleting, copying, renaming, compressing and even transferring the files. You can put this tutu helper download file with the Safari Download Manager to let you manage the download within your iPhone Safari Browser. The other apps will complete your experience in using your iPhone.

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